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What Our Clients Say


Nothing means more to us than making our clients happy, unless perhaps it is making them so happy they come back to us or refer us to their friends and family!



"It was very cool and surprising to be so thoroughly impressed with this team — it feels great to look at the house and not only love the product but have very good feelings toward the people who did the work. Even our kids noticed on many occasions how nice this crew was and that they are just good people. We would work with Melton again in a heart beat!"
-Patrice & Scott W., Boulder, CO
"Everyone that worked on our project was friendly and kind, as well as highly skilled and efficient. They all went out of their way to be friendly with our three year-old, too."
-Greg & Emily B., Boulder, CO
"It was a pleasure working with Melton. I have built one home, remodeled 4, and remodeled 4 offices...and I have to say that I am impressed. No construction company has ever been able to stick to the schedule and complete the job in such a timely manner. Kevin does his job well!"
-Debra L., Boulder, CO
"The workmanship was outstanding! They took care to ask for my ideas and to incorporate my preferences into their highly professional design and finished product. The price was fair, and the price stayed fair throughout. All team members were courteous and very easy to work with."
-Louise & Hans L., Superior, CO
"We visited Robbie's house this afternoon for the first time since we arrived here in Boulder. All I can say is "WOW!!!" It is almost unbelievable what you guys did to that place. It warms my heart to be able to provide such a wonderful gift to my kids. What you have done goes way beyond brick and mortar, time schedules and Boulder codes. I hope you never lose sight of the fact that THAT is what you are really doing when you do this kind of home renovation. Thank you!!"
-Rob & Pam N., Boulder, CO
"Our remodeled kitchen is absolutely GORGEOUS!! A lot of people from Melton contributed in many ways to make it so, but my special gratitude goes to Carrie. It was a pleasure working with Carrie and I cannot say enough good things about her...She listened to what was important to us and found a way to bring our taste to life."
-Kris & Dalal S., Louisville, CO
"The people they sent to do my job were easy to talk to and get along with. They were always accommodating to our needs."
-Ron & Bonnie L., Longmont, CO
"I can never thank Steven & Peter enough for their customer service – it was far beyond anything I have ever seen. These guys are my heroes!"
-Jane B., Boulder, CO

3rd Party Reviews


Guild Quality Survey
  • Likely to Reccommend 94%
  • Understand Build Process 100%
  • Construction Quality 98%
  • Expertise 98%
  • Clean & Safe 96%
  • Concern For Needs 100%
  • Employees & Subcontractors 96%
  • Trust 98%





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