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What are the Steps for Remodeling a House?

Learn the Steps Involved in Remodeling A House

Every home construction or renovation project is unique. However, these projects follow a similar pattern, which is helpful to understand. Whether you are contemplating how to start planning a custom home build or you seek to remodel the outside of your house, knowing the steps involved will help you plan efficiently.

Always Plan Ahead

If you are thinking about how to start planning a custom home build or renovation, you are already on the right track. Many homeowners get into trouble because they opt for spontaneous remodels, based on what sparks their interest at the moment. Planning ensures that you have a list of priorities laid out before the purchase of materials or start of construction.

A remodeling plan should include a vision of how you want specific areas of your home to look. Then consider how many of those sections you can afford to remodel, both from a financial or time perspective. For instance, you may want to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms this year, before focusing on the bedrooms and living spaces next year.

Set a Budget

Home remodeling projects can become expensive undertakings if you are not careful. The most prudent approach is to set a budget for part or all of the remodel. Assess your savings, the possible change in the value of your home, and the quality of life benefit you would get from the remodel before settling on a final budget.

Hire a Remodeling Company

It is tempting to attempt a DIY remodel or hire individual professionals for different jobs that need completing. However, hiring a remodeling company to oversee the entire project gives you the best chance of experiencing a successful, efficient, and within budget remodel.

By hiring a single company, you can discuss the style and design of your remodel with their designers and architects. Show photographs and videos, explain your vision, and take their input before settling on the specifics of how you will remodel each room.

The remodeling professionals also take care of hiring various professionals and laborers to complete your project, while respecting your vision at every stage.

Follow the Proper Remodeling Steps

Following the setting of a budget and creation of a remodeling plan, it is critical to respect the following order of completing interior construction or remodeling work:

  1. Demolition
  2. Rebuild
  3. Mechanical work (electrical & plumbing)
  4. Walls
  5. Floors
  6. Cabinets
  7. Appliances
  8. Last touches

If you attempt one of the final steps before going through the whole list, you may need to demolish some of the new construction to ensure proper fitting of electrical wiring, plumbing, or other structures.

Many people ask about how to start planning a custom home build or remodel. Regardless of the style, design, scope, or budget of the renovations, it is crucial to respect the above suggestions and construction order. It will help keep your remodel on time and within budget, allowing you to enjoy your newly renovated home very soon!



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