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Melton’s Design Center


At Melton, we think a good remodeling project is only as good as the design from which it’s built. We work hard to create innovative designs that reflect our clients’ personalities and meet their needs and wants. To help clients visualize the end project throughout the design phase, we use 3-D representations and renderings of the new space and our interactive design center complete with model kitchens and baths and hundreds of samples including cabinetry, tile, countertops and flooring.


We’ve taken our design drawings to a new level of sophistication with software that allows our design team to create on-screen 3-D models with fly-through capabilities. This offers clients the chance to see the home dimensionally and visualize what it will be like moving through the space. Photo-realistic images offer a unique look at what the finished project will look like by drawing in textures and colors directly from client product selections.


Possibly the highlight of the design experience is the Melton design center. Nothing makes the design experience more fun than opening doors and drawers and getting a first-hand feel of the materials you might choose for your space. Mix and match tiles, see how your ideas will look when the project is complete. Our interactive cabinet display allows you to put your favorite cabinet door with your flooring and countertop choices.


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