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7 Stylish Living Room Floorplans You Didn’t Know You Needed
Jun 7

7 Stylish Living Room Floor Plans You Didn’t Know You Needed

June 7, 2019 by Bridget Dorr

Having a great dining room is an integral part of making your family want to eat at home. Here are 4 easy dining room design ideas to make that happen.
9 Don'ts of Home Remodeling Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado
May 25

9 Don’ts of Home Remodeling

May 25, 2019 by Bridget Dorr

Facing the task of home remodeling can be difficult for anyone regardless of whether or not you have been through it before.  Also, regardless of your experience, there are many common mistakes that could be made or things that could be making the task more difficult than it needs to be.  If you’re finding yourself looking for a little guidance, here are 10 DON’TS of home remodeling that you should keep in mind.
5 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Home Renovation Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado
May 16

5 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About Home Renovation

May 16, 2019 by Bridget Dorr

Home renovation can be an intimidating task to take on, regardless of what you are looking to do. One of the best ways to ease any anxieties you have is to know what to expect before diving into the whole experience. Here are five things I’ll bet you didn’t already know about home renovation.
How to Choose the Best Kitchen Appliances in 2019 Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado
May 3

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Appliances in 2019

May 3, 2019 by Bridget Dorr

For whatever use your kitchen holds for you, whether that be cooking, entertaining, or family gatherings, the appliances can be one of the most exciting parts of styling this important room in your house. Cabinets and countertops offer a variety of exciting choices, but appliances are where you can really make your kitchen show your personality and offer a high degree of functionality.
Choosing the Best Kitchen Floors for Your Home Melton Design Build Boulder Colorado
Apr 24

Choosing the Best Kitchen Floors for Your Home

April 24, 2019 by Bridget Dorr

When renovating your kitchen, you might get caught up deciding on appliances or color schemes, but your kitchen floors can have a massive overall effect on the room as a whole. It’s important to choose a flooring material that suits your needs and lifestyle while also remaining within your budget and fitting your style. Below, we’ve listed three of the top flooring materials used in kitchens along with a brief breakdown of each choice to make this decision that much easier for you.


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