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December 2013

A Holiday Wish List for Your Home Makes Remodeling Fun and Easy

There's no time like the holidays for making lists! Guest lists, grocery lists, gift lists and even who's-sleeping-where lists help make life easier during these super-busy weeks.

But there's one extra list that can make life easier for years to come: it's your home's Holiday Wish List with all those things that need changing and updating!

While it's on your mind...

As you're preparing holiday meals, entertaining and hosting family from out of town, it's the perfect time to think about what you wish you could change about the way your home looks, feels and works. Make notes now about big and small changes you'd like to make for planning a remodel in 2014.


Melton Design Build
Create a Unique Holiday Design Style
Get creative this holiday season with your décor! When you're preparing your home for entertaining guests and hosting family gatherings, remember that holiday decorating is about the magic of the holiday season.
Thank You! Melton would like to thank each and every one of you for making 2013 a great year. We wish you the best for 2014!
Ty's Tip   Prevent Wind Damage
Advance planning can help prevent damage to your property when high winds strike suddenly.

  • Keep potential projectiles stored indoors if possible, including yard tools, toys and garbage cans;
  • Trim shrubbery and weak or dead tree branches that are close enough to your home to cause damage;
  • Reinforce entry doors with dead bolts (for single doors) or heavy-duty foot and head bolts (for double or French doors).

Ty Melton, President Melton Design Build

See you next month!

Ty Melton


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