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October 2013

Five Tips to Take the Fright
Out of Remodeling

Many people think it's great fun to scare and be scared at this time of year, and some go to great lengths to make their home look super spooky for little ghosts and goblins. But remodeling your home should not be a frightening experience. So have no fear; we have some tips that can get you through the process – large project or small – without waking up screaming in the middle of the night.

1. Establish your priorities. Start by making a list of changes you'd like in your home and then put the items in order of importance: what you must have, what you'd like to have and what you'd like but can live without. You should also carefully consider what you want in a remodeling contractor. Years of experience? High style? Ease of one-stop shopping for design and construction?


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Ty's Tip   Protecting Landscaping Materials from Damage by Deer

Fall is the time of year that deer tend to move to lower elevations and closer to residential areas. Follow these tips to help prevent damage:

  • Adequate fencing is the only sure way to control deer damage. The conventional deer-proof fence is 8 feet high and made of woven wire.
  • Don't provide feed for the deer. It's against the law, doesn't keep them from harming your plants and may even attract them.
  • Select landscaping plants that are less palatable to deer, such as black-eyed susan, larkspur and common junipers. Place more susceptible species, like geraniums, roses and mugo pines closest to the home or inside a fence.
  • Netting or tubing are efficient methods for protecting seedlings and small trees.
  • Colorado State University Extension says a home-made, natural spray of 20% eggs and 80% water is "one of the most effective" deer repellents. Find out how to make it and get more information.
Ty Melton, President Melton Design Build

See you next month!

Ty Melton


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