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August 2013

Interior Design Styles:
The Rules and How To Break Them

Interior design stylesAll too often homeowners, in an attempt to redecorate or refresh their homes, will run out and purchase several beautiful pieces they love, put them all in a room together but somehow the look just isn't quite what they had envisioned. It's a common mistake thinking that all of the things you like will magically give your home a magazine-quality look.

A better way to accomplish your goal, short of hiring a designer to shop for you (a great idea in itself), is to know your design style, understand the principal elements of that style and recognize pieces that work well together by considering scale and color. Once you have an understanding of those rules, you can learn how to successfully break them to create your own signature look.


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Thank You! Melton Design Build would like to thank Lynn Cutts and Richard Caffrey for referring friends and coworkers to Melton, and also to Lynn for being a Melton video star!

Ty's Tip   Ty's Tip: Mobile Apps That
Are Ready for Anything

Whether it's unexpected bad weather, an accident while you're hiking or camping, or a natural disaster when you're traveling or at home, these dual-duty mobile sites and apps can help in an emergency. Just remember to keep your smartphone charged and ready to go!

Survival Pocket Reference (Essential tips for the outdoor enthusiast)
FEMA Emergency Preparedness Mobile
Red Cross Preparedness Apps
Buddy Guard (Can send your GPS location to selected contacts if you don't check in)
GotoAID First Aid - Lite
ICE Standard (Stores emergency contact and medical information)

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