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July 2013

6 Tips for a Trendy Home Office

Trends in home offices"Working from home" is a concept that Americans have gotten used to and even enjoy. In fact, U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that 10.9 percent of Boulder area residents work from home, more than any other city in the nation. What you need in a home office depends on whether you run a home-based business, bring work home regularly, telecommute a few days a week or simply need a place to put your laptop to pay household bills. A "trendy" home office is one that works for you while you're working. Here's what we mean...

1. Pocket office. The trend toward compact homes means less space to devote to an office. What's trending now for many families is the "pocket" office, a workspace carved out near the high-traffic areas of the home, often in a closet with the door removed. It's a hub for home management activities: paying bills, coordinating the family's schedules and keeping everyone organized.


A Place of My Own Michael Pollan
Great Read
Speaking of working from home, this book is a great read about the yearning to have a space designed for daydreaming and work, and (our favorite part) constructing that space with one's own two hands. "A Place of My Own" is a delightful account of author Michael Pollan's two-year journey to build his private space for daydreaming and writing. Read more...

Pocket office in a closet Sunset
Office Space
Take a peek at this slideshow for more home office ideas and creative work space designs. Read more...

Home office ideas

Haute Home Offices
Check out more inspirational images of home offices.

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Ty's Tip   Landscape Planning
with “Defensible Space”

Be a fire-wise homeowner by maintaining an area immediately around your home where grasses, brush and trees have been reduced, modified or removed. You can maintain "curb appeal" by combining short grass with ground covers, decorative rocks, stepping stones, vegetable gardens, mulch, and widely spaced plantings of bulbs, low-growing shrubs and wildflowers (being careful to remove all dead branches, stems and leaves).

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