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December 2012

Season's Greetings from Melton Design Build!

A Gift You'll Love
for Years to Come

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Season’s Greetings from Melton Design Build!

As remodelers, "home" is very important to us. We know it is to you, too, and as we look back on 2012, we're honored to have had the chance to use our passion for design and craftsmanship to turn existing "houses" into true "homes" for our clients.

Thank you for doing business with us, and for sending us so many referrals. We appreciate your confidence in us and look forward to sharing useful ideas, insights and inspiration with you in the coming months.

And before we share this month's newsletter, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday season and a healthy, prosperous start to 2013.

Remodeling: A Gift You'll Love
for Years to Come

Are you considering remodeling in 2013? We've found that the holidays provide a unique opportunity to do some very creative dreaming about everything you'd like your home to have and to be.

Photo: home remodeling

That's because the holidays really put your home to the test, from how well the kitchen works to how easily you can entertain friends and family or host overnight guests. With such a bright spotlight on how your home looks, feels and functions, you'll find you're absolutely brimming with remodeling ideas. The secret is to find time during this busy season to capture all those ideas. Here's how!

Find the perfect “gift” for each room

First things first: pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of cocoa. Then, stroll through your home and think of each room as a very special person on your holiday gift list. As you enter each area, imagine you're seeing the space for the very first time. What's the first thing you notice? What's the light like? Is the temperature comfortable? Is the space welcoming? Does it feel cozy, cramped or cold? Most of all, does the room delight you?

Then ask yourself, "What ‘gifts’ would I give this room to make it more beautiful, functional and fun?"

Remember, today you're just dreaming – so let yourself go! Since you're already in the holiday gifting mode, we think you'll be surprised at how quickly design and remodeling ideas begin to flow. At this point the ideas you come up with are just your “Wish List”, but sharing them with us gives us a wonderful starting point for planning what you're seeking to achieve.

A few ideas to get you started...

Entry: What's the first thing you see when you come into your home? How well does the space welcome guests and handle coats, boots and packages? Does it set the tone and invite you into the rest of your home? Do you feel drafts or chills?

Photo: home remodelingKitchen: How well do your appliances and cabinets function? Would it be fun to have a fireplace, more natural light, or more sitting areas? How is the traffic flow? Do you need more counter space? Would you love to have "specialty" areas like a baking counter, breakfast bar or beverage station? Can you cook, entertain and hang out exactly the way you prefer? What about storage? What if the kitchen were bigger...?

Powder Room: Is it gracious enough for guests with luxurious touches and plenty of space for hand towels, extra toilet paper, lovely soaps and other amenities? Does the powder room also get a workout from the family – and what would make it function better for guests and everyday use?

Family Room: What's your perfect evening in this room? What about a sunroom, deck or patio off the family room, or more windows? What about expanding its size or updating it for today's wired – and wireless – entertainment, automation and security?

Guest Room: Do you have one? Does it have its own bath? Don't worry about your home's existing layout or where you might put a guest room – just imagine what kind of space you'd be proud to see as you welcome guests, in-laws, or your grown kids (and their kids) when they visit for the holidays.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom: Would you love a cozy, private getaway? What would it take to make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa?

When your stroll is done, you'll have your home's gift list. But now, instead of sending it off to Santa (or tucking it away for "someday"), send it along to us! We love a challenge and will enjoy finding creative ways to turn your remodeling ideas into the gift of a "new" home that fits your dreams and your budget.

Melton Gives Thanks

Melton Design Build would like to extend a thank you to
Katie Wahr and Paul Calvert for referring Melton to their friends and family!

Ty's Tip: Change Furnace or Heating System Filters

If filters are not changed often enough, they can become clogged. This forces your heating and cooling systems to work harder and less efficiently to maintain airflow, and increases your energy bills. In the long run, it can also damage your equipment. Change or clean filters monthly or following the unit's instructions.

Ty MeltonSee you next month!

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