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November 2012

Why Base BIG Remodeling Decisions
on Little Samples?

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Why Base BIG Remodeling Decisions
on Little Samples?

As we approach our 20th anniversary, we've changed our name from Melton Construction to Melton Design Build. We've also just completed a move and our own major renovation. Instead of reflecting something new about our remodeling business, the name change and location (on Sterling Circle near Valmont Road and 55th Street) reflect the importance we've always placed on design. In fact, as part of our new office space, we've built a truly unique environment so you can participate in the decisions – and fun – of the design process like never before.

Photo: Melton Design Center

Let me give you a quick tour:

A wonderful new way to make the right design decisions

Our new design center is the size of a small home. With our enhanced computer capabilities, we can show realistic elevations of what your new spaces will look like and how they will flow. Then, we can move to the new product selection area where you can combine full-size samples in the home vignettes we've built.

Photo: Melton Design CenterI've always known how hard it was for our clients to make big kitchen remodeling decisions based on 4" samples. As you may know, I am a cabinet maker. As part of our kitchen vignette, I've created a cabinet box that lets us snap on full-size samples of doors and hardware, add the counter you've selected, along with your backsplash and flooring choices. Scale is so important to design and now, for the first time, you can really see everything together the way it will appear in your kitchen.

Uncovering those “little jewels” for your home

Our new design space lets you explore unusual finishes and options that don't necessarily cost more, but that turn ordinary materials into "little jewels" with a look and a story that set your home apart.

For example, white oak flooring is popular, but you don't have to settle for a traditional finish. I've come up with samples that show that white oak floor with a waxed or oiled finish, or how a pigmented stain reflects light or a dye stain brings out "flicks" in the oak.

In addition, I've challenged Melton's trade partners to be more innovative in what they offer – like making a standard maple butcher block special by adding a vertical grain or rich walnut and cherry.

We've always considered these options in our own architect-led design build approach. Now, with our new design environment, we can bring you right into that process so you can really enjoy the fun experimenting with what's possible, and deciding – with confidence – what's right for your own home before construction ever begins.

We'd love for you to stop by, see our kitchen and bath vignettes, and be inspired by our selection of samples. If you're going to be in the area, just give us a call.

Melton Gives Thanks

Melton Design Build would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to
CJ and Melanie Gauss for referring great clients to us!

Ty's Tip: Turn Off Water to Outside Spigots

Shut off the water supply valve to your outside spigots for the winter, but leave the spigot itself open, so that if a little water leaks from the water supply valve, it will be able to drain instead of freezing in the pipe. Disconnect your garden hoses and store them in your garage or shed for the winter.

Ty MeltonSee you next month!

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