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October 2012

Taking Your Home
from "Too Tight" to
"Just Right"

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Six Tips for Taking Your Home
from “Too Tight” to “Just Right”

Like almost every homeowner, you probably have a personal "if only..." list. It's that wish list of changes that you'd make to your home so it could be "just right." Often the problem is a feeling of too little space: "If only my house had a better layout and felt lighter and brighter," or "If only I had more room to store everything!" or "If only I had more counter space in my kitchen." If you thought you would just have to make do with your "too-tight" home, why not consider these six practical, high-benefit remodeling ideas that just might make your home "just right" while adding value to it at the same time.

1. Remove Walls to Improve Flow

One high impact change that will make a big difference in how you feel in your home is eliminating a segmented layout that feels constrictive or isolates people from one another. We can show you the best way to remove and reposition walls to create a more "open" floor plan and improve the flow in your home, creating a larger, more versatile and more welcoming area for your family and friends to gather.

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2. Give Everyone Some Elbow Room

If older parents or adult children moving into your home have made it a bit too "cozy," consider a home addition. We can design and build a suite with a separate entrance and maybe its own kitchenette and bath for added privacy. Even transforming your unfinished attic or basement into comfortable living space can help create just enough breathing room to make a big difference.

3. Create Your Family's New Favorite Place To Be

Does that large new internet-ready flat-screen TV suddenly make the family room feel too small? Do you no longer want to sit alone at your desk to go online or to visit your favorite social media sites? Twenty-first century consumer electronics have changed how we use our time and our family rooms. We can work with you to redesign the room and open up your floor plan to create the perfect spot for your whole family to enjoy a multimedia experience together.

4. Make Your Kitchen “Top Chef” Territory

If you find inspiration in one (or more) of the many cooking shows on TV, you should consider an updated gourmet kitchen for yourself. A new layout can improve flow and function, make your kitchen feel more inviting and maybe even make cooking fun again! If you are already happy with your kitchen's basic layout, consider giving it a mini-makeover by adding new lighting, counter surfaces, cabinets, flooring, more storage and high-performance, time-saving appliances that are also more energy-efficient.

Bathroom remodeling photo5. Add a Peaceful Retreat

Perhaps your "if only" list has always included a quiet, personal space to call your own. Maybe a window-walled sunroom where you can read, or a beautiful master suite and bath where you can relax while sinking into a deep soaking tub. How nice it would feel to fully enjoy the relaxation you've earned! We can make it happen.

6. Put Everything in its Place

We commonly hear from homeowners that excessive clutter makes them feel their home is simply bursting at the seams. If this is one of the items on your "if only" list, we can offer innovative and well-designed solutions such as customized walk-in fitted closets and pantries, finished storage spaces with custom cabinetry, designated study areas, a home office, or built-in storage in the basement. We can re-work the space you have so it's organized like never before.

Don't Keep Wishing, Start Enjoying

If you want to stay in your current home, but find your "if only" list and your frustrations seem to grow each year, call us now or visit our website to learn more about the many ways we can help make your home "just right!"

Melton Gives Thanks

Melton Design Build would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Bob and Eve Johnston for a fabulous letter of support and recommendation!

Ty's Tip: Dryer Safety and Efficiency

Routinely inspecting and cleaning your dryer and its ducts and vents will keep your dryer running more efficiently and can even help prevent fires caused by blockages of lint accumulation. Clean the lint trap after every laundry load. Also regularly check the outside dryer vent while the dryer is operating and if exhaust air is not escaping, the vent or the exhaust duct may be blocked. Take a moment this month to vacuum the dryer vent and exhaust duct.

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