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October 2011

Six Storage Secrets for a Time-Saving Kitchen

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Six Storage Secrets for a
Time-Saving Kitchen

From coffee makers to toaster ovens, we love our time-saving kitchen appliances. But we don’t love cluttered countertops. Plus these handy appliances don’t save time if we have to get them out of the back of a cabinet or the pantry each time we want to use them. That’s why if you’re thinking about kitchen remodeling, investing a relatively small amount of your budget in appliance storage will have a big impact on your enjoyment of your kitchen – and your time savings – for years to come.

Kitchen remodeling - storage ideas

Here are some great ways we can build appliance storage into your kitchen remodeling project:

1. Breakfast station. Dedicating an area of the kitchen to everything needed for breakfast is a great morning time-saver for busy families. The appliances you’ll want to use, such as the toaster oven and coffee maker, can be tucked away in an "appliance garage" with a roll-down door. They’ll be within reach when you need them each morning and out of sight when you don’t! Cabinets above can be configured specifically to hold mugs, bowls and plates, while cabinets and drawers below keep cereals, bread and other breakfast favorites handy.

Kitchen remodeling - appliance storage2. Baking station. Like the breakfast station, this station saves time by centralizing the appliances, utensils and pans you use when baking. No need to lift a cumbersome stand mixer onto the counter! A heavy duty slide-out shelf can lift the mixer up to counter level and send it back into the cabinet again when you’re done with it. No heavy lifting is required and you’ve saved valuable counter space. The section of counter for this area can even be done in marble – perfect for rolling out shaped cookies and flaky pie crusts. Below, cabinets can include dividers that keep cookie sheets, jelly roll pans and wire racks all neat and easy to pull out one at a time.

3. Roll-out drawers. Need to start dinner in a hurry? Don’t waste time wrestling with a tower of heavy pots, pans and lids. Equip your lower cabinets with roll-out drawers and you have easy access to all your cookware.

4. Recycling center. A little kitchen-remodeling ingenuity can save you time while you save the planet. A built-in recycling center not only hides the mess from view, features like pull-out drawers and casters can make even heavy bins so easy to access and empty that even young children can do their part for the environment.

5. Roll-out pantry. A roll-out pantry saves time – and frustration. Just pull it out and you can see everything. Items don’t get lost way in the back and it’s easy to lift out those appliances that you only use from time to time. This highly organized pantry creates more usable space because the back half won’t be filled with items you can’t see and never use.

6. Corner cabinet Lazy Susans. With a heavy-duty Lazy Susan, a bottom corner cabinet becomes the perfect place to stash appliances you use frequently but don’t want sitting out on your counter. Just open the door and turn the carousel for instant and easy access to items like your Crockpot, rice cooker and food processor.

These are just a few storage secrets for those small kitchen appliances that make life so much easier. One more thing that will make life easy is having electric outlets designed for where those appliances will be used. In planning kitchen remodeling projects, we always look at what appliances you like to use and how you cook so that we can make sure there are plenty of electric outlets and that they’re placed exactly where you’ll need them.

If you’re interested in remodeling your kitchen so it looks better and saves you time every day, we have all kinds of ideas. Just give us a call.

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Ty’s Tip: Check Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

When your clocks "Fall back" for the return of Standard Time, it is also a good time to check your smoke alarm batteries. (Do the same when you "Spring forward" too.) More than 90 percent of homes have smoke alarms, but millions of these alarms have either dead or missing batteries.

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