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August 2011

Tired Master Bathroom?
Remodeling Creates
Airy New Energy!

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Tired Master Bathroom? Remodeling Creates Airy New Energy!

Michael and Pam Sousa’s 20-year-old master bathroom was spacious, but 1990s-style features like the huge whirlpool tub and a busy black-and-white tiled shower banded with gold trim made the room feel “heavier” and smaller than it actually was. Between the tired fixtures and the cramped layout, the bathroom needed a makeover. Since they’d done several other projects with Melton Construction, Michael and Pam asked us to handle the master bathroom remodeling.

Our design team was delighted at all the bathroom remodeling ideas and inspiration photos Pam had collected from browsing the Internet. These provided an excellent way for us all to get on the same page about the look and feel she wanted to create. Pam was very clear about wanting to take advantage of the bright southern and eastern light and the lovely view of trees afforded by the room’s windows.

Spacious bathroom remodeling photo

The result was a master bathroom appointed with rich traditional elements — such as the claw-foot soaking tub — yet an almost minimalist design that promotes a luxurious sense of space, serenity and order.

Pam says she always learns so much when she remodels with Melton. That’s rewarding for us, too. And so, if you’re putting together your own bathroom remodelinginspiration file,” we thought you’d appreciate a few tips we can share from the Sousas’ beautiful bathroom remodeling project:

Bathroom remodeling fixtures photoReflective surfaces are great for making a room feel airy. The shiny fixtures and polished surfaces of the Sousas’ bathroom expand the sense of space and “lift” the room’s energy. Not only do the mirrors float out from the wall, they also tilt to just the right angle for Pam and Michael.

Pared-down details keep the room from feeling cluttered or busy. In the Sousas’ bathroom, the styling and finishes are all very traditional. Details, however, are kept to a minimum. The richness comes from the fact that the details that are included pack a lot of design value. For example, Pam loves the way the colors of the granite countertops pick up the subtle design detail in the cabinetry.

Legs and angles can keep even large fixtures from feeling heavy. In the Sousas’ bathroom, remodeling meant replacing the large, blocky whirlpool bath with a graceful claw-foot soaking tub. The legs lift the tub and placing it on an angle means that even though the tub is made of cast iron it seems to float in the space at the end of the room.

Bathroom remodeling photo: claw-foot tub   Bathroom remodeling photo: mirror

Splurging in the right places delivers bathroom remodeling “wow” while keeping within the budget. For instance, you can be very choosy about the materials that make the most impact on the design. Making the best use of your budget is, of course, one of the advantages of our design build process — we design to your budget right from the start so you know you’re creating a dream bathroom you can actually afford to build!

Bringing nature inside is a secret to giving your bathroom remodeling a spa-like feel. For the Sousas, this meant maximizing natural light with window shades that pull up from the bottom to offer privacy while keeping the beautiful treetop view.

These ideas from the Sousas’ master bathroom are just some of the wonderful “lessons” Melton has to share. If you’re thinking about remodeling, why not give us a call and let us help you explore ideas.

Melton Gives Thanks

Melton would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Bob and Nadine Dean of Boulder. It was a pleasure to work with the couple to design and build an addition for their home. We appreciate your business, Bob and Nadine, and the delicious luncheon you treated us to afterward!

Ty’s Tip: Check Driveways and Walkways
for Cracks

Over time, wear and tear can create cracks in your walkways and driveways. Water can leak into cracks, causing further damage. If there are cracks, the area will need to be repaired and resealed before further damage occurs. Sealing an asphalt driveway needs to be done when the temperature will be above 50° with no precipitation for 24-36 hours, so doing it now will avoid the worry about what the overnight temperatures will be once autumn arrives.

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