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July 2011

Home Energy Improvements Create Comfortable Living

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Home Energy Improvements
Create Comfortable Living

The Boulder area has a rugged climate. Sunny summers can routinely push attic temperatures to 150 degrees and winters can keep indoor air crackling-dry and chilly even though your furnace runs constantly. No wonder so many Boulder residents seek relief from the resulting high home energy bills, health issues, safety concerns and poor livability by investing in home energy improvements.

Addressing home energy through piecemeal replacement projects, however, simply won’t deliver the difference you may be expecting. In the same way that a good kitchen remodel is about more than replacing appliances, a good energy remodel is about more than just insulation and air sealing.

Home enrgy improvements

Start with the science

Like all good remodeling, home energy improvements start with an assessment of how your home is working now. Our Melton home energy audits analyze everything from the efficiency of existing windows, to the home’s precise heating and cooling load. What does “load” tell us? If, for example, an AC unit is oversized, it actually costs 30% more to run and creates unpleasant cold spots. Air sealing is critical as well. In fact, if new, top-quality windows are improperly installed and sealed, energy bills won’t drop and comfort won’t rise as expected. We also look for moisture problems and safety issues. We have found everything from carcinogenic materials such as asbestos lurking under old layers of insulation, to venting problems that could pump carbon monoxide into homes.

Home energy auditOnce the Melton home energy audit is complete, we have the “science” to formulate a home energy remodeling strategy – and it’s different for each home. For example, a high-efficiency furnace isn’t always the best answer. And when it’s not, Melton has the full-service home energy capabilities to offer options such as designing a radiant-heat system with panels and floor tubing and even incorporating solar components.

Home energy savings – just
one of the benefits

One of our client’s AC/furnace units and water heater were located in the crawl space under her home, which made it hard to change the filter or check the pilot light. Even worse, her home was located in a marshy spot and constant seepage of groundwater made the crawlspace damp and smelly. Our Melton team redesigned everything. We replaced the equipment with a tankless water heater and high-efficiency AC/furnace and relocated the equipment inside the house in an existing utility room. To deal with the health and structural concerns in the crawlspace, we installed a sump pump, treated the exterior walls, and created a thermal barrier in the floor above the crawl space to protect the home from odors, dampness, and cold.

The homeowner was delighted: no more creepy trips to the crawlspace plus the temperature in her home was – for the first time – completely even and comfortable. Oh, and did we mention quiet?

Remodel how your home lives – and looks

Unlike companies that just offer replacement windows or siding or home energy equipment, Melton offers all those services – plus, we’re an experienced home remodeler. If you’re already planning a kitchen, bath, basement or other remodeling project, it’s the ideal time to build in home energy improvements. On the other hand, if you’re planning on replacing windows or siding, we can use our interior and exterior remodeling expertise to help not only improve energy efficiency and reduce maintenance, but also dramatically improve the design of your home.

We know we don’t have to remind you that an energy-efficient home simply costs less to run. Plus, Remodeling magazine says that a home energy project like full-scale window replacement adds to home value, with homeowners getting back 68-82% of the money they spent being recouped later in the home’s appraised price (here in Boulder, the figure is probably about 75%). But one of the biggest perks is being able to welcome family and friends to a beautiful home where the indoor environment is always comfortable, safe and healthy.

If you’re interested in learning more about a “home energy remodel,” please just give Melton a call!

We Make It Easy to Get Inspired!

Melton is introducing a new online tool that’s creating quite a buzz around the office and with new clients.

Melton's Inspiration GalleryVisit the Melton Inspiration Gallery to see our interactive design tool. You can view, enlarge, bookmark and share images of beautiful rooms to help you envision your next remodel project. What home remodeling projects are you dreaming about?

Call Melton today and get started. Print the images you like, bring them to your appointment with our in-house design team and begin to design a home you’ll love!



Melton Gives Thanks

Melton Construction would like to extend a “thank you” to Kyle Russell at McGinty, a graphic design studio in Boulder. Kyle consistently provides us with creative designs for our printed materials in a timely manner. Thanks, Kyle, for the Melton look that locals recognize.

Ty’s Tip: Look for Ways to Conserve Water In
and Around Your Home

Fixing a leaky faucet can save 140 gallons of water per week. Replacing older model toilets with high-efficiency, low-flow ones can save almost 4 gallons of water per flush. Shorten each shower by a few minutes and you can save 150 gallons per month. And get the whole family in the habit of turning off the water while brushing their teeth!

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