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October 2010

Doubling the Return
on Your Remodeling Investment, Even in Today’s Market

Don’t Lose Out On Your $1,500 Tax Credit!

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Doubling the Return on Your Remodeling Investment, Even in Today’s Market

Many people don’t realize the dual nature of the return they get from their remodeling investment. When you remodel your home, there are historically both long-term returns, such as an increase in the resale value and marketability of your home, and immediate “daily dividends” which you start receiving as soon as the project is completed.

Relax in your new spa tub.The return that most people think of, and is most often cited in the press, is the increase in the resale or market value of your home. This is the long-term portion of the return on your investment. It can be high or low depending on the housing market and economy when you sell.

However, almost no one decides to remodel just because of the likely increase in the resale value of their home. It’s not their primary reason, it’s a bonus. Most people remodel for the immediate dividends they will receive – those benefits that improve the quality of their life every day.

Home remodeling creates new and improved spaces that let you live and entertain family and friends in ways you just couldn’t do before. Imagine relaxing in your new master bath’s spa tub or steam shower, preparing a delicious meal in your beautiful new kitchen, or having more space so the kids can have their friends over to play without wrecking the living room or family room.

The best part is that the value of these wonderful daily dividends is NOT dependent on the housing market, financial markets, or the economy. It is only dependent on your timing. The sooner you remodel, the longer you will get to enjoy the daily bonuses of a beautiful and remodeled home that’s perfect for you in both design and function.

So, if you expect to live in your home for 15 years, remodeling now will give you a full 15 years to experience the benefits of a home that perfectly meets your needs and lifestyle. You will get double the daily dividend value than if you wait seven or eight years before remodeling.

As events have demonstrated, the housing and financial markets are subject to ups and downs and are, in some respects, unpredictable. Many kinds of investments are more risky than they have been in a long time. But remodeling your home now is a smart investment with real and meaningful returns you will see and experience every day you live in your home.

Don’t Lose Out On Your $1,500 Tax Credit!

Federal Energy Tax Credits for Homeowners Expire This December.

Energy-efficient windowsThe Federal Energy Tax Credit legislation granting you a 30% tax credit off the cost of certain energy improvements made in 2009 and 2010 – up to $1,500 – runs out at the end of this year.

If you haven’t already, take advantage of these credits to lower your taxes and your energy bills. Contact our Energy Department so we can help you determine what energy-saving, tax-credit-eligible home improvements would be best for you. Remember, the qualifying home improvement must be in place before the end of the year.

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