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September 2010

The Many Rewards of Multigenerational Homes

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Home Maintenance Tip

The Four Mile Fire

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The Many Rewards of
Multigenerational Homes

For many families and cultures, including grandparents as part the household is nothing new. What is new is that today’s economic, cultural and demographic pressures have families of many different backgrounds rediscovering the rewards of multigenerational living.

Making room for your Mom or Dad can make very good economic sense, especially if the other option is a retirement community or an assisted living facility for them. These can cost thousands of dollars a month. Some facilities even require you to pay for the unit up front and then make monthly payments for maintenance. Plus, even elderly people who can’t live independently can still live well into their 80s and 90s making the price tag of assisted living nothing short of astronomical.

Multigenerational living can be a wonderful experience for the entire family – especially when everyone involved can enjoy all the richness of life together without the stress and strain of being crowded together in too small a home. And that’s where remodeling with an eye toward universal design and “aging in place” features can make a difference.

3 Remodeling Tips for Creating a Multigenerational Home

1. Create as much private space as possible. In-law suites are a great option. Depending on your budget, that could mean a simple master bedroom and full bath or a larger suite that includes a sitting room, small kitchen area, and even a private entrance. A larger suite provides additional privacy, giving all generations a separate space and it gives older people a feeling of greater independence.

2. Design for easy access. Even if Mom is spry today, she may someday need to maneuver a walker through the house, so be proactive when you remodel and include “aging in place” features such as wider halls, easy-access doors, and barrier-free showers. In-law suites are ideally placed on the ground floor so grandparents won’t have to walk up and down too many stairs. If the suite needs to be on an upper level – or the basement level – a home elevator can be designed into the plan, or a simple stair-lift can be installed.

3. Safety comes first. The older we get, the more light our eyes need to see properly. Thus, appropriate lighting is an important factor for safety and the enjoyment of the space. Design in safety features like grab bars. Low, easy-to-reach shelving is important for accessibility and for reducing falls and other accidents. Also consider flooring carefully: a slick tile floor in the bathroom and a deep-pile carpet in the bedroom can both become accidents waiting to happen.

If you’re interested in creating a multigenerational home, we do hope you’ll contact us. We can help you explore the smart and rewarding “senior living” options you have right at home.

While you’re enjoying the change of seasons...and watching the aspen leaves turn colors, take a moment to give us a call to discuss those remodeling projects that were in the back of your mind all summer!

Call us at (303) 473-9542 or visit us online.

Home Maintenance Tip: Inspect the Outside
of Your Home for Potential Problems

Autumn’s a great time to check the outside of your home. To check your foundation’s drainage, simply spray your yard with a hose. If water runs toward the house rather than away from it, you will need to regrade your soil. Also make sure mulch or woodpiles don’t come into contact with siding, as this invites termites and carpenter ants into your home.

We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to those who have suffered from the recent Four Mile Fire.

If you or someone you know was affected by the fire, please know that we have organized a “response team” within Melton to help guide victims through the process of rebuilding a fire-damaged home. Because we are a full service design/build firm, this includes all the design work needed, working with insurance companies, and bringing the rebuilt home into compliance with any building and energy efficiency regulations that have come into being since the home was first built. Our team will be able to help with everything you need, so please call if we can be of assistance.

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