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Starting Your Home Garden

Spring is here, and many Coloradans are pruning their hedges, fertilizing their lawns, and planting gardens like never before. Homeowners are finding the time to improve the exterior of their homes. Now that we’re staying safer at home, a luscious garden for a socially distanced happy hour sounds like a fantastic summer activity. If your home’s exterior needs some updating, we have tips on how to create a successful and beautiful home garden this summer.

Planning Your Garden

Before you start your home garden, you should assess your land, so you know what challenges you’re working with on your property. You’ll need to evaluate and plan for things such as your soil, sun exposure, size, and water source.

Beginners should start with natural plants to grow, such as lettuce, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, and squash. Plant things that you and your family enjoy eating. Avoid planting too much of the same crop to avoid waste. When possible, choose locally adapted seeds and transplants. Drawing your garden out to scale is a great way to plan for the size of your garden and how much space your plants need to fully mature.

Traditionally St. Patrick’s day is when Coloradans start planting seeds and beginning their seedlings inside while the plants start to take off. Depending on the plant, you’ll want to get your seedling into the ground, starting anywhere from around Mother’s day through mid-July.

Garden Beds vs. Inground Garden plots

Raised garden beds are an excellent option for gardens with poor soil and shorter growing seasons. They provide newer, healthier soil for your plants as well as warmer temperature to prolong your growing season. Consider this option if you have children. They’ll also keep your plants away from any foot traffic. Inground garden plots are an excellent choice for wildflowers and plants that can withstand colder temperatures. This is also a cheaper, less time-consuming option as you won’t have to build or buy as many extra materials. Inground garden plots us less are more cost-effective in terms of watering them.

Edible Herbs

Growing herbs in your home garden will enhance your home-cooked meals and will eliminate extra trips to the grocery store. Connecting with nature and participating in growing your food is quite magical and a worthwhile hobby. 

Our favorite herb to grow, and one of the easiest is basil. There are many varieties of basil available, and endless ways to use it. Lavender is quite common in Boulder; it grows, exceptionally well in dry climates. It is resilient, sun-loving, and smells incredible. Use it baked in a dessert or to garnish a cocktail. Pick some and leave in your home and simply enjoy the smell. Another favorite is mint. Be careful, as mint likes to spread where it’s unwanted. We suggest growing mint in a pot or container. Mint is incredible in drinks, dressings, salads, and desserts. Enjoy these fragrant and beautiful herbs all summer long and well into fall before the first frost.

This summer, we will most likely be enjoying more time outside in our yards. Utilizing your outdoor space and creating a beautiful place to relax is crucial. Starting a home garden is an excellent way to spend quality time with yourself and your family outdoors. Call us to chat with us about how you can transform your outdoor space today.


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