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Rethinking Home Remodeling in the Age of Coronavirus

In the first few months of the Coronavirus, we’ve seen the way we live our lives change significantly. It’s hard to predict the effects of this new normal or way of living. You’ve likely spent most of your time at home the past few months, leaving you time to rethink how you and your family interact together in your home. How do you imagine your home functioning for you in the future? We’re starting to rethink home remodeling in the age of Coronavirus.

Moreover, architects and home builders are predicting home remodeling trends that will occur after the pandemic. Melton has some predictions of how homes of the future will function moving forward in Boulder County.

Updated Kitchens

During quarantine, people are cooking nearly every meal at home. Some may even be becoming expert chefs and bakers during this time. At the very least, you reconsider how your kitchen can better support the art of cooking. Homeowners will have a more significant interest in kitchens, we predict. You want the kitchen to be roomy and function for more substantial meals. In the past, we’ve often relied on quick meals and home delivery meal kits. Imagine a kitchen that supported efficient home cooking. Including unique cabinetry for cooking gadgets, professional-grade stovetops, and a large pantry for bulk food. We are suggesting rethinking your home remodeling plans in your kitchen first and foremost.


Boulder already has a love for a proper mudroom. A place where you can leave all your outdoor toys and dirty clothes before coming home after an adventure. We see a trend where this boundary between inside and out is more defined. After living through a pandemic, a defined entryway is important physically as well as psychologically. We now want a space where we can leave our outside lives and prevent contamination. On a psychological level, this will act as a space where we leave our external stress and worries before coming home.

Outdoor living space

Creating an outdoor living area is a common practice in contemporary Colorado architecture. With beautiful mountain views and gorgeous sunshine 300 days a year, Coloradans appreciate life outdoors more than most. We are seeing a trend of significantly more local homeowners utilizing outdoor spaces such as decks, patios, and lawns. Colorado is the perfect place to use your outdoor space and create additional square footage. Whether we’re in a pandemic or not, you have a lot to gain by renovating your outdoor spaces. Consider a remodeled patio, including a pergola, or even an outdoor kitchen set up. How about a renovated deck to give you more square footage to host outdoor gatherings. For example, we are big fans of accordion windows for bringing in the fresh air on warm days.

Rethink Open-Concept

Open concept floor plans have gained popularity over the past decade. Homeowners are opting to knock out walls to have large open living areas to encourage quality family time. There are many pros, and con’s to this home layout. Ultimately the decision depends on you and your family’s preference. In the wake of a pandemic, many architects are rethinking the popularity of the open concept first floor. People have a new appreciation for flex spaces or extra room for privacy. As people adjust to working from home, defined areas are necessary. 

Smart Homes

With home wellness technology already gaining popularity, homeowners post Covid-19 will start to rethink home remodeling to include more tech. Homes will one day be able to track air, light, and water quality, says HEDsouth, one of the pioneers of home wellness technology. Similarly, a smart house could sense children bringing home dirty from sports practice and adjust its air filtration.

Touchless Tech

Home automation technology used to be considered a luxury. Now smart home speakers manufactured by companies such as Amazon and Google will become extremely helpful to make homes safer and cleaner. Creating fewer contact points will, in turn, create fewer opportunities for sanitizing or worry about contamination. For example, a growing trend we’ve been seeing is touchless sink faucets.

Now that you’ve heard our thoughts on rethinking home remodeling, how do you want to change your home? In conclusion, there are many ways to upgrade your current home to include improvements that will make your family healthier and happier in a post-COVID world. Call Melton to chat with us about your home improvements today.

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