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Creating a Classroom at Home for Your Children

If you are homeschooling your children, by choice or not, creating a classroom at home is crucial to their learning. If your children haven’t adjusted to learning from home yet, you want to set yourself up for success. No matter the size of your home, there is an opportunity to create a creative learning space for your kids.

Create a Classroom, Feel Free to Leave It

Have a dedicated space for learning, then, deviated as much as you’d like. Your children will benefit from having a reliable spot where they can access all their books, tools, and supplies. But like all of us know, learning out in the world is such an enriching experience. 

First, find a space in your home that works well for homeschooling. Having a dedicated room, such as a spare bedroom or a home office, is wonderful. If you don’t have the extra room, dedicate a space such as the dining room as the classroom. Make sure to keep the area as organized as possible. Set up extra shelving for books and supplies to be stored at the end of the day.

Melton Design Build How to Set Up a Classroom At Home Boulder Colorado Home Remodel Colorado HomesSecond, we suggest making this space the starting point for the day, but make sure to offer options to your children. If there is a nature or art lesson for the day and the weather permits, go outside! If the lesson plan requires quiet reading time, suggest a cozy spot for your child to read. Experiential learning is so enjoyable for children, encourage it as much as possible while at home.

Lastly, keep the space inspiring and creative. Wherever you dedicate your homeschooling space, let it be inspirational. Hang your children’s work with style. Encourage play, bright colors, and visual learning. Even if this space is just temporary, making it feel lived-in and comfortable will encourage your children to enjoy learning at home.

Organizing Your Home Classroom

Stay organized is critical when homeschooling. If you want the space to remain inspiring, consider adding the following design elements to your homeschooling space.

Proper storage and shelving are necessary for any room in your house. Especially the space that hosts your children’s school and art supplies.  Built-in shelving is an incredible way to increase storage while creating a sophistication and styled storage system.

Technology is Important, in Moderation

Let’s face it; learning for children today often happens online. This is wonderful that children have so many resources as their disposal. There are so many learning tools online for children and parents but only use what’s necessary and avoid overexposure to screens. The new warning from recommends parents limit their children’s screen intake to a minimum of 2 hours per day.

Local Boulder Valley School students have begun online learning for the 2020 spring semester. BVSD has incredible learning resources for children participating in online learning. Encourage online education based on your children’s school district guidelines. However, feel free to encourage limits on your child’s internet access. Limit social media, and other entertainment sites until after the day’s lessons are complete.

Creating a classroom at home for your children can be difficult. Especially if it was not something you were planning for your family. Take the time to create a space both you and your children enjoy being in. Engage with your children to learn from their lesson plans. Lastly, make an effort to encourage outside learning when possible as well.  

If spending more time at home has you reconsidering the layout of your home, call us. We’re open and excited to take on new projects. We’d love to hear from you.


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